bio Charlotte Mullor is a young French designer. With her training at the London College of Fashion and Studio Bercot in Paris, she maintains and develops her knowledge of the human body, its forms and movements.


Today she shares her time between Paris, where she draws the energy of the city and Sarlat (a town of history and art, capital of the Perigord Noir in the South-East of France) where she has her creations made in workshops with knitters she proudly calls her « little ladies.
With them, she gives life to her knitted collections, designed as handmade prototypes which gives them this unique nature, almost like works of art.


Her creations are part of an artistic, instinctive, almost animal like, or even sexual research.
Her style, focused on the entanglement of voluminous knitwear, allows Charlotte to create unique and inimitable items. She calls these items « her beasts ».


It is from the inspiration found during her personal travels, her instinct for mixing materials and her collaboration with other artists that Charlotte creates
her collections.
Her knitwear becomes a playground as she appropriates herself the « classics » that she reinterprets and pushes ever further artistically.


Her iconographic works, whose skeleton easily reminds a living being, are not born by chance, Charlotte combines rigor and a taste for the finest materials, perfect technique and a know-how acquired in the “Haute Couture”, from Alexander Mc Queen and Dior, but also in the luxury Ready-to-Wear with Lagerfeld Gallery.


The items that Charlotte offers us are sensual and protective: she likes to know that a woman can feel safe,
as in a soft and cosy armour revealing a unique figure.


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